• Outpatient Services
• Inpatient Services
• Accident and Emergency
• Pharmacy
• Laboratory Services
• Maternity Services
• Dental Services
• Physiotherapy Services
• Radiology and Imaging Services
• Surgical Services
• Ambulance for emergency services


The outpatient section is administered by a group of general practitioners who provide consultation for a wide range of diseases. The general surgery clinic, ENT clinic, obstetrics and gynecology clinic, orthopedic surgical clinic, physician clinic, pediatrics clinic, and dermatology clinic are just a few examples of the specialized clinics available. Doctors and clinical officers are based in consultation rooms and conduct a thorough clinical evaluation of the patient. The rooms are fitted with state of the art computers where doctors are able to record all the patients’ findings, observations and treatment.


The hospital Laboratory offers all basic and special Laboratory investigations. It is manned by qualified personnel and is fully equipped with the state of the art machines that are regularly serviced to ensure efficiency and accuracy of results. The lab can perform numerous microbiology, biochemistry, and parasitology tests at reasonable costs for the hospital and close-by medical clinics.


Our maternity units are modern, welcoming spaces. Experienced, dedicated maternity staff make the birth experience as memorable as possible for new parents. Accommodation is provided in private and semi-private rooms, and in small wards. The unit offers neonatal care for premature and full-term babies needing specialized care. The safety of the babies in our care is extremely important and parents can rest easily knowing that our facilities are fully secured with the strictest safety measures applied at all times.

In addition to the above, we offer:
• Antenatal care for pregnant mothers.
• Normal Deliveries.
• Elective and Emergency Caesarian sections.
• Management of High-Risk Pregnancies and pregnancy complications such as hypertension and diabetes in pregnancy.
• Management of Pre-Term and Low Birth Weight Babies.


Manned by highly qualified professional staff with specialized certifications, The Criterion Hospital pharmacy prides in the quality of professional services offered to clients. The pharmacy is committed to providing effective services to both in-patients and out-patients, whilst ensuring that treatment is safe and appropriate. We dispense quality medicines at the best price possible.


At the Criterion Hospital, we are committed to treating patients with the compassion and respect they deserve. We believe in providing comprehensive treatment and skilled dental services that address both your short- and Long-term dental care needs in an honest, judgment-free environment where it all comes down to great care Services such as:
• Tooth Extraction
• Dental Crowns
• Dental Implants
• Emergency Dental Care
• Fillings
• Root Canal
• Dental Bridges
• Oral Surgery
• Treatment of Periodontal Disease


At the Criterion Hospital we do full eye care such as performing complete eye exam, prescribing corrective lenses diagnosing and treating complex eye diseases and performing eye surgery and primary eye care.

We offer our services twice monthly such as
• Computerized eye examination
• Dry eye red eye assessments
• Screening for cataracts in the elderly
• Diagnosis and treatment of eye related conditions
• Refraction and dispensing of contact lenses and spectacles (glasses)

• Frames
• Hard cases
• Children Frames
• Cord Chain
• Sunglasses


Ultrasonography machines and Sonographer ensure that maternity and gynecology services run smoothly. An X-ray machine and a CT Scan machine produce high-quality images that aid clinicians in making accurate diagnoses.


The Criterion Hospital Limited has specialists who perform general surgeries, gynecological surgeries, and other minor surgeries. Minor surgeries such as suturing of minor cuts and circumcisions are conducted in the outpatient department. The hospital theaters with the latest technology equipment that makes surgeries safer, quicker, and easier.


The hospital a several physiotherapists who offer physical rehabilitation services to patients with potentially disabling conditions such as Burns, spinal disorders, low back pain, and traumatic injuries among others. Physiotherapy is offered at very affordable prices and can be done at different times on most days of the week.


Department of Nutrition and Food services is committed to provide best possible nutrition care and quality meal services.

The Department comprises of two divisions.
Nutrition services - We provide nutrition care, advice, and education to patients during their hospital stay and in our outpatient clinics.
Food services - Increasing emphasis on healthy dietary choices. Our central kitchen conforms to the best guidelines and practices for food preparation procedures. Meal quality is supervised and evaluated by well-trained patients and food service supervisors.

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